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Image Text Description
Bugstars.jpg Bugstars Bugstar is a pest control company. The name is probably based on Starbucks coffee.
120px-AimNotToLoseIt (1).jpg We aim not to lose it The slogan of the post office in Los Santos We aim not to lose it.
Bum buddy.jpg Bum buddy On a fence at the outdoor gym in Santa Maria Beach hangs a sign with Pump Buddy. If you look closely you see that the last of pump P is wiped out and that the first P is replaced by a B, so get your bum buddy. This is another word for a homosexual partner.
120px-Speedophile.jpg Speedophile Speedophile 2000 the name of a jet ski. The name is a combination of speed and pedophile.
120px-MileHighClub.jpg Mile High Club Mile High Club is a term to describe two people have sex on an airplane. They then belong to the so-called Mile High Club. Mile High Club in GTA is the name of a skyscraper to be built.
120px-Tequi-la-la.jpg Tequi-la-la In Los Santos there is a club called Tequi-la-la, a name based on the Mexican liquor tequila. The name can also be a parody on the club "Whiskey a Go Go" in Los Angeles.

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