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Sultan in GTA 5


Based on ZZUnknown Seats ZZUnknown
Code ZZUnknown Weight ZZUnknown
Topspeed ZZUnknown Gears ZZUnknown
Acceleration ZZUnknown Drive ZZUnknown
Motortype ZZUnknown
Location ZZUnknown

Sultan in GTA San Andreas

Based on Subaru Impreza Seats 4
Code 560 SULTAN Weight 1400 KG
Topspeed 125 MPH Gears 5
Acceleration 28m/s2 Drive 4WD
Location Click
Motortype Gasoline

Sultan in GTA IV

Based on Subaru Impreza Seats 4
Code SULTAN Weight 1400 kg
Topspeed 90 MPH Gears 5
Acceleration ZZUnknown Drive 4WD
Motortype ZZUnknown
Location Click

Sultan in GTA Chinatown Wars

Based on ZZUnknown Seats 2
Topspeed ZZUnknown
Location Click

The Karin Sultan is a four-door passenger car in GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and GTA Chinatown Wars. The car is modable in GTA San Andreas at Wheel Arch Angels.

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